Frozen Food – Up To 25% off(05.01-05.31)

[Anheungfood] Rice Red Bean Bun[Original] 500g


[CJO] Boneless Spicy Chicken Feet 160g


[CJO] Fried Pork tripe 160g


[CJO] Pork Tripe Soup 270g


[CJO] Spicy Grilled Pig Entrails 160g


[CJO] Spicy Pork Rinds 180g


[Dalgooji] Grilled Beef Intestines 300g


[Dalgooji] Grilled Pork Intestines 300g


[Dongwon] Cheese Cutlet 480g


[Dongwon] Cutlet 500g


[Dongwon] Gaeseong Big Dumpling 630g+350g


[Dongwon] Gaesung Kimchi Dumpling 630g


[Dongwon] Gaesung Potato Dumpling 550g+300g


[Dongwon] Premium Pork Cutlet 840g


[Harim] Chicken Nugget 600g


[Harim] Yonggary Chicken 560g


[JM] Boneless Spicy Chicken Feet 250g


[JM] Mini Spicy Pork Trotter 350g


[JM] Spicy Chicken Feet 300g


[Lotteham] Kentucky Hotdog 350g


[Lotteham] La Cuisine Cheese Stick 500g


[Olbaan] Pollack Roe Fried Dumpling 315g x2


[Ottogi] Big Dumpling Skin 300g


[Ottogi] Cup Pizza[Combination] 150g


[Ottogi] Cup Pizza[Potato] 150g


[Ottogi] Home-made Dumpling 1300g


[Ottogi] Kimchi Dumpling 1300g


[Ottogi] Pizza[Bulgogi] 396g


[Peacock] Choma Black Sauce and Noodle 820g


[Pulmuone] Chives Japchae Fried Dumpling 300g*3p


[Pulmuone] Hot Dog 375g


[Pulmuone] Mozzarella Hot Dog 400g (no. 7 & 22)


[Sajodaerim] Frozen Traditional Hotteok 360g


[Samyang] Spicy Chicken Dumplings 315g


[Umjifood] Home-made Dumplings 1200g


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