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[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 30/9/2020) [Nongshim] Spicy Seafood Cup Noodle 67g

$9.00 $4.50

[Dongwon] Dongwon Canned Gift Set (Delivery start from September 16th)


[Pulmuone] Cheongmyeon 411.2g


[Pulmuone] Hongmyeon 435.2g


[30%OFF] (Expiry Date: 3/10/2020) [Nongshim] Black Shin Instant Noodle 134g*4p

$49.00 $34.00

[Pulmuone] Spicy Cold Noodle 508g


[CJO] Garlic Pork Tripe 150g


[CJO] Spicy Pork Rinds 150g


[CJO] Spicy Stir-fried Cartilage 150g


[CJ] CheilAnju Hot Spicy Pork Rinds180g


[CJ] CheilAnju Spicy Boneless Chicken 190g


[CJ] CheilAnju Spicy Steamed Spicy Fish Roe 170g


[Ottogi] Jin Instant Noodle[Mild] 120g*5p


Red Bean Shaved Ice Set


[Ottogi] Oyster Seafood Cup Noodle 110g


[Ottogi] Jin Instant Mix Noodle 624g


[Nongshim] Angry Jjapaguri Cup Noodle 108g


[CJ] Beef Bone Stew Stock 100g


[Nongshim] Corn Cheese Cup Noodle 104g


Ottogi Oyster Seafood Noodle 130g*4


Yoodong Silkworm Chrysalis 130g


[Nongshim] Jjapahgetti Instant Big Cup Noodle 123g


[ZERO] Boiled Sweet Potato Leaves 100g


[ZERO] Boiled Bracken 100g


[CJ] Bibigo Rice Porridge with Mushroom Vegetable 280g


[CJ] Bibigo Rice Porridge with Red Bean 280g


[CJ] Bibigo Rice Porridge with Nurungji Whole Chicken 280g


[CJ] Bibigo Rice Porridge with Abalone 280g


[CJ] Cup Rice[Chicken Mayo Rice] 233g


[Buy2 get $39off][Wando] Cheong Hae Abalone M 50g


[Sempio] Banquet Cup Noodle 89g


[Sempio] Pickled Deodeok 90g


[Ottogi] Beef and Seaweed Soup Noodle 460g


[Samyang] Carbo Spicy Chicken Cup Noodle 105g


New World Mark Gift Card – HK$ 500 (gift set)


New World Mark Gift Card – HK 100(gift set)