Chilled/Frozen Food

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[Pulmuone] Mini Beef Bulgogi Gimbap 163g


[Peacock] Spicy Beef Soup 500g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 22/4/2021) [Peacock] Seonji Haejangguk 500g

$75.00 $37.00

[Mills One Simple Soup] Boiled Sliced Meat Soup Rice 290g


[Mills One Simple Soup] Chicken Breast Seaweed Soup Rice 281g


[Mills One Simple Soup] Spicy Chicken Soup 300g


[Peacock] Mini Croissants Dough 300g


[No Brand] Fried Tofu for Sushi 540g


[Peacock] Back Ribs with BBQ Sauce 300g


[Pulmuone] Chuncheon Style Spicy Buckwheat Noodle 513g


[Pulmuone] Perilla Oil Buckwheat Noodle 391.4g


[Peacock] Chewy Spicy Octopus Bibimbap 464g


[Peacock] Boiled Okdong-style Pork Gomtang 500g


[Peacock] Seasoned Thistle with Rice 4+1 1100g


[Peacock] Cheese Pork Cutlet 420g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 24/4/2021) [Peacock] Jangchung-dong Royal Feet Mini Pig’s Foot 315g

$85.00 $42.00

[Buy 1 get 10%OFF, Buy 3 get 20%OFF] [CJ] Gourmet Nagasaki Spicy Seafood Noodle 640g

$79.00 $71.00

[Ashley] Original Chicago Deep Dish Pizza 411g


[Ashley] Sweet Potato Deep Dish Pizza 388g


[Ashley] New York Cheesecake Deep Dish Pizza 349g


[Alban Kitchen] Roasted Chicken 2ea 720g


[Binggrae] Mini Chocolate Bungeo-ppang 300g


[Binggrae] Mini Red Bean Bungeo-ppang 300g


[CJ] Bibigo Eonyang Grilled Short Rib Patties 460g