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[30%OFF] (Expiry Date: 20/3/2023)[Sulbing] Walnut Red Bean Cake 300g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 23/2/2023) Sweet Potato Cheese Burrito 125g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 25/2/2023) [CJ Dadam] Spicy Soft Tofu Stew Stock 140g


[30%OFF] (Expiry Date: 14/3/2023)[Kukje] Korean Beef Yukgaejang 1000g


[Pulmuone] Fried Shrimp Ball 300g


[30%OFF] (Expiry Date: 14/3/2023)[Vips] Original Pork Belly 230g


[30%OFF] (Expiry Date: 3/3/2023)[CJ] Beksul Dadam Fermented Bean Paste Stew 530g


[20%OFF] (Expiry Date: 28/2/2023) [Samlip] Blueberry Bagel 500g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 7/3/2023) [Ottogi] Pizza [Combination Max] 405g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 16/2/2023)[Ottogi] Pizza[Bulgogi] 396g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 11/2/2023)[Hwangsofood] Flat Wheat Rice Cake 500g


[30%OFF] (Expiry Date: 3/3/2023)[Theborn] Baek Jong-Won’s Spicy Chili Rice Cake Sauce 155g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 12/2/2023) [Samlip] Plain Bagel 500g


[30%OFF] (Expiry Date: 2/3/2023) [Bilka] Webfoot Octopus Command (Grill&Spicy) 600g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 12/2/2023)[Samlip] Onion Bagel 500g


[30%OFF] (Expiry Date: 26/2/2023) [Pulmuone] Bbogr-I Sausage Hot Dog 360g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 25/2/2023)Carbonara Chicken Burrito 125g


[30%OFF] (Expiry Date: 20/2/2023)[Samsam] Chuncheon Spicy Chicken Tteokbokki 900g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 13/2/2023)[Pulmuone] Perilla Oil Buckwheat Noodle 391.4g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 1/3/2023)[Kukje] Korean Beef Yukgaejang 1000g


[Banchandanji] Spicy Hanwoo Beef Broth With Beef Short Rib 1kg


[Gebang Sikdang] Premium Soy Sauce 335g


[Gebang Sikdang] Premium Soy Sauce Marinated Abalone 360g


[Kelly’s] Spicy Jjukumi (baby octopus) 300g


[Leefa] Honey Citron Chicken Wing 400g


[Leefa] Charcoal Flavored Chicken Wing 400g


[Leefa] Egg Kimbab 250g


[Leefa] BBQ Beef Bulgogi Kimbab 450g


[Leefa] Japchae Kimbab 250g


[Autel] Tonkatsu 500g


[Icoop] Goesan Corn Red Bean Bun 330g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 26/2/2023)[CJ] Dadam Soybean Paste with Snails Sauce 140g


[Maumiga] Yagbab 320g


[70%OFF] (Expiry Date: 10/2/2023) Spicy Chicken Karaage Burrito 125g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 12/3/2023)[Dongwon] Cheese Cutlet 480g


[Worldfood] Chicaco Real Bacon Potato Pizza 400g