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[Chongkundang] Lacto-Fit Slim Probiotics 2g*10p


[Chongkundang] Lacto-Fit [Gold] 2g*50p


[Think a Body] Meal Replacement Shake [Today Oat] 50g


[Think a Body] Meal Replacement Shake [Mugwort] 35g


[Think a Body] Meal Replacement Shake [Today Black Bean] 40g


Celltrion Hello Beauty Jelly Pumpkin 20g*28


[Chongkundang] Lacto-Fit Beauty 2g*60p


[Chongkundang] Lacto-Fit Slim 2g*60p


The Guardian of Throat Ver.1 (GNM Bellflower Extract 150g + Honeyone Chestnut Pure Honey 500g)


[Vonnlab] Macrobiotic Formula Shake 30g*14t


[Vonnlab] Real Pomegranate Collagen Jelly Stick 20g*60t


[Vonnlab] Kong Fei Diet 80ml


[Vonnlab] Kong Fei Diet 80ml*14t


[Vonnlab] Boncho Herb Tea 3g*7t


[Vonnlab] Energy Booster Tea 2.5g*7t


[Vonnlab] Good Sleep Tea 2.5g*7t


[Vonnlab] Fresh Breath Tea 1.5g*7t


[Vonnlab] Digestive Tea 2.5g*7t


[Vonnlab] Korean Tea for Relax 2.5g*7t