Kimchi/Sidedish/Salted seafood

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[Hansung] Mustard Leaf Kimchi 500g


[Hansung] Yeolmu Kimchi 500g


[Hansung] Dol-san Gat Kimchi 300g


[Hansung] Whole Cabbage Kimchi 5kg


[Yorihada] Braised Beef in Soy Sauce 140g


[Yorihada] Stewed Black Beans 90g


[Yorihada] Pickled Myeongi 350g


[Yorihada] Dried Radish 130g


[Yorihada] Boiled Burdock Vegetables 100g


[Yorihada] Seasoned Garlic 100g


[Yorihada] Soy Sauce Butter Squid 70g


[Yorihada] Spicy Squid 70g


[Yorihada] Stir-fried Anchovies With Almond 70g


[CJ] Bibigo Sliced Radish Kimchi 500g


[Buan Mulberry] Soysauce Abalone 300g


Ilgajib Pickled Myeongi 160g


[CJ] Bibigo Sliced Kimchi 1kg

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[Chongga] Green Onion Kimchi 300g


[Central Seafood] Salted Sea Jelly 350g


[Pulmuone] Sliced Radish Pickle[Lemon] 300g


[Chongga] Kaktugi Kimchi 500g


[Chongga] Leaf Mustard Kimchi 500g


[Chongga] Seasoned Dried Radish 200g


[Chongga] Sesame Leaf 200g