Jiajang noodle/Cold noodle/Chewy noodle/Buckwheat noodle

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[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 26/5/2022)[CJ] Mijeongdang Hand Made Kalguksu 1kg


[Pulmuone] Green Onion Oil Mixed Noodle 430g


[Samlip] Wando Laver Udong 207g


[CJO] Clam Kalkuksoo Noodle 366g


[No Brand] Basil Pesto Spaghetti 225g


[Pulmuone] Vegetable Oil Jjajang Noodle 620g


[Yajeongdam] Meat Jjajangmyeon 350g


[Yajeongdam] Spicy Meat Jjambbong 1000g


[Lee Yeon Bok’s Mongnan] Spicy Seafood Noodle 1460g


[CHOI] Scallop Basil Pasta 300g


[Betelang] Kalguksu Set 196.5g


[Lee Yeon Bok’s Mongnan] Jjajangmyeon 1080g


[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 8/6/2022) [CJ] Bibigo Japchae 644g


[Misikmoheom] Charcoal Grilled Meat Cold Noodles Meal Kit 1396g


[No Brand] Cold Spicy Mix Noodles 434.4g


[No Brand] Cold Noodles 930g


[Pulmuone] Chuncheon Style Spicy Buckwheat Noodle 513g


[Pulmuone] Perilla Oil Buckwheat Noodle 391.4g


[CJ] Gourmet Nagasaki Spicy Seafood Noodle 640g


[Chosun Hotel] Unijjajang 860g


[Peacock] Choma Chinese noodles (less spicy) 1240g


[CJ] Gourmet Spicy Seafood Noodle 652g


[CJ] Gourmet Jjajangmyeon 760g


Choungsoo Cold Noodle 720g


[CJ] Bibigo Mushroom Japchae 522g


[Peacock] Choma Black Sauce and Noodle 820g


[Peacock] Choma Chinese noodles 1240g


[Pulmuone] Spicy Cold Chewy Noodles 460g


[Pulmuone] Pyongyang Cold Noodle 846g


[Haein] Cold Noodle Broth[Pickled Daikon Radish] 310ml


[Haein] Cold Noodle Broth[Beef] 310ml


[Pulmuone] Katsuobushi Udong 470g


[CJ] Traditional Cold Noodle 150g


[Pulmuone] Hamheung Spicy Cold Noodle 460g


[Samlip] Katsuobushi Udong 205g


[Goraesa] Kimchi Udon Hot Pot 650g