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Enjoy Korean BBQ with discount! (50 sets ONLY)

$550.00 $522.50
Items available:9

[Chef&Taste] Meat Gift Set No.2 (Large)(Gift-set-Delivery start from September 16th)

$1,106.00 $700.00

[Chef&Taste] Meat Gift Set No.1 (Grand)(Gift-set-Delivery start from September 16th)

$1,636.00 $1,000.00

TMH Pork Pack

$797.00 $550.00

TMH Combo Pack

$1,457.00 $990.00

TMH Beef Pack

$969.00 $770.00

[Buy 2 $30]Grilled Beef Short Ribs Patty (S) 80g


Use for Braised Pork Ribs 500g


[Buy3 $100][Bodynine] Triple Cheese Sausage 120g (No.7)


[Buy3 $100][Bodynine] Chicken Breast Hot & Spicy Flavor 150g (No.7)


[Buy3 $100][Bodynine] Chicken Breast Herb Flavor 150g (No.7)


[Buy3 $100][Bodynine] Chicken Breast Curry Flavor 150g (No.7)


[Buy3 $100][Bodynine] Chicken Breast Spicy Tomato Flavor 150g (No.7)


[Buy3 $100][Bodynine] Chicken Breast Carbonara Flavor 150g (No.7)


[Buy3 $100][Bodynine] Chicken Breast Steak Flavor 150g (No.7)


[Buy3 $100][Bodynine] Chicken Breast Original Flavor 150g (No.7)


Grilled Thin Pork Belly 300g (No.7)


Beef Bulgogi Shabu-shabu 300g (No.7)


Beef Tenderloin 300g (No.7)


Cow’s foot 300g (No.7)


Pigs trotter 300g (No.7)


Beef Brisket 300g (No.7)


Oxtail 300g (No.7)


Chuck Flap Tail 300g (No.7)


Beef Loin 300g (No.7)


Crucible 300g (No.7)


Prime Rib Eye 300g (No.7)


Beef Thin Skirt 300g (No.7)


Thick Skirt 300g (No.7)


Rib Finger 300g (No.7)


[C&T] Beef Bulgogi 600g (No.7)


[Buy 2 – $40 Off] Po Cheon-style Marinated Beef Short Ribs 5pc (No.7)


[Buy 2 – $20 Off] Pork Belly cut in Bee-hive style 400g


Pork Jowl 200g(No.7)


Pork Neck 200g(No.7)


Marinated Pork Skirt Meat 600g(No.7)