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[10% for 1, 15% for 2, 30% for 3!] [C&T] Top Blade 300g

$110.00 $99.00

[E-Shop Exclusive!] C&T Meat (Combo)


[E-Shop Exclusive!] C&T Meat (Set D)


[E-Shop Exclusive!] C&T Meat (Set C)


[E-Shop Exclusive!] C&T Meat (Set B)


[E-Shop Exclusive!] C&T Meat (Set A)


[Set Discount!] [C&T] Pork Neck 200g + Grilled Thin Pork Belly 300g


[Set Discount!] [C&T] Beef Bulgogi Shabu-shabu 300g + Beef Loin 300g


[C&T] Spicy Marinated Squid and Pork Belly 550g


[C&T] Mince Pork 300g


[C&T] Pork Backbone for Stew 500g


[C&T] Beef for Braising 400g


[C&T] Short Ribs for Glazed 400g


[C&T] Mince Beef 300g


[C&T] Meat for Soup 300g


[C&T] Ox Tail 500g


[C&T] Beef Leg Bone 500g


[C&T] Beef Loin for Braising 500g


[C&T] Beef Ribs Soup (L) 1300g


[C&T] Beef Short Ribs Soup (S) 500g


[C&T] Grilled BBQ-favoured Suwon-style Beef Short Ribs 550g


[C&T] Marinated Top Blade 400g


[Set Discount!] [C&T] Pork Belly cut in Bee-hive style 400g + Thin-cut Pork Belly 330g


Jeju 1++ Hanwoo Korean Beef Chuck Tender (Shabu Shabu) 150g (Frozen)


Jeju 1++ Hanwoo Korean Beef Top Chuck (Shabu Shabu) 150g (Frozen)


[C&T] Use for Braised Pork Ribs 500g


[C&T] Pork Belly for Braising 500g


[C&T] Marinated Beef Belly 400g


[C&T] Thick Cut Bulgogi 500g


[C&T] Braised Short Ribs 1kg


[C&T] Pork Jowl 200g


[C&T] Pork Neck 200g


[C&T] Beef Bulgogi 600g


[C&T] Grilled Thin Pork Belly 300g


[C&T] Beef Bulgogi Shabu-shabu 300g


[C&T] Beef Tenderloin 300g