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[50%OFF] (Expiry Date: 30/9/2020) [Nongshim] Spicy Seafood Cup Noodle 67g

$9.00 $4.50

[Sempio] Banquet Cup Noodle 89g


[Ottogi] Beef and Seaweed Soup Noodle 460g


[Samyang] Carbo Spicy Chicken Cup Noodle 105g


[Ottogi] Real Chewy Noodles 150g*4


[Samyang] Carbo Spicy Chicken Noodle 130g*5


[Nongshim] Spicy Seafood Cup Noodle 67g


[Nongshim] Spicy Beef Soup Cup Noodle 86g


[Samyang] Hot Spicy Mix Cup Noodle 105g


[Ottogi] Jin Jjambbong Instant Cup Noodle 115g


[Paldo] Kimchi Big Cup Noodle 110g


[Paldo] Spicy Seafood Big Cup Noodle 110g


[Choungsoo] Spicy Cold Noodle 720g


[Paldo] Instant Mix Noodle 130g*5p


[Pulmuone] Spicy Crab Seafood Instant Noodle 103g*4p (no.7&22)


[Pulmuone] Spicy Beef Soup Noodle 120.9g*4p


[GS25] Omori Kimchi Stew Instant Cup Noodle 150g (no.7&22)


[Nongshim] Kimchi Cup Noodle 86g


[Nongshim] Beef Soup Instant Cup Noodle 61g


[Nongshim] Saengsaeng Cup Udong 276g


[Nongshim] Black Shin Cup Noodle 101g


[Nongshim] Shin Cup Noodle 65g


[Nongshim] Shin Big Cup Noodle 114g


[Samyang] Delicious Instant Noodle 115g*5p


[Samyang] Hot Spicy Instant Noodle 140g*5p (no.22)


[Samyang] Samyang Instant Noodle 120g*5p


[Ottogi] Boodae Jjigae Instant Noodle 130g*4 (no.7&22)


[Ottogi] Instant Noodle 110g*5p


[Ottogi] Jin Instant Noodle[Hot] 120g*5p


[Ottogi] Sesame Instant Noodle 115g*4p (no.7&22)


[Nongshim] Neogurie Instant Noodle[Seafood&Spicy] 120g*5p


[Nongshim] Spicy Seafood Instant Noodle 124g*5p


[Nongshim] Olive Jjapahgetti Instant Noodle 140g*5p


[Nongshim] Jjawang 134g*4p


[Nongshim] Hululuk Instant Noodle 92g*4p


[Nongshim] Hululuk Instant Noodle 97g*4p