Notice regarding E-Shop Membership Reward System Modification

E-Shop membership reward will be divided into two types: “NWE-Credit” and “NWE-Point”.

Points earned before 2nd June will be transferred to NWE-Credit.
Also, points earned through refund will be credited in NWE-Credit as well.

Starting from 2nd June, points generated from purchase and event participation will be credited as NWE-Point.

It is possible to use both “NWE-Credit” and “NWE-Point” simultaneously.
By entering the points you want to use in the corresponding box, the payment amount will be adjusted automatically.
(1 point HKD$1)

Please be reminded that there is no expiration date for NWE-Credit;
while the validity period for NWE-Point will be 1 year from the date of accumulation.

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